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Instagram South Africa comes to Avontuur for an Instawalk!

We were blessed with awesome weather on our first Instawalk in partnership with Instagram South Africa on the 30.10.2016

Bloggers, photographers, foodies, and all other interesting people were invited to join us on a gentle walk around the estate.

We started off in true Avontuur style with bubbles on the patio and once everyone had arrived we made our way down to the paddocks where we were hoping to see some of the babies!

Pop over to our blog post for all the beautiful pictures!!


Blogging for Business- 10 things you can do RIGHT NOW to leverage your website.

Blogging for Business – 10 Things you can do Right Now to leverage your website as a marketing tool.
It will be a practical talk (do this, click here, install this etc.) with the reasoning and my experience as to how and WHY it works.

Cindy Page; Professional blogger and content marketing consultant at Word of Mouth Cape Town.
Cindi says, ” I launched Word of Mouth Cape Town because I believe the best form of advertising is still one person sharing their experience with another. Not too long ago we called that “word of mouth” and it happened around the braai or in a real face to face context. Now-a-days we still share things by word of mouth, but it happens via online platforms. And if a business wants to be able to take advantage of modern day word of mouth advertising they have to invest on their online presence and give their audience something to share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. That’s where the value of content and your business blog comes into play.”

What is content marketing?
In a nutshell, content marketing is about utilising the internet’s most valuable commodity to promote your business, namely: information. The more information your provide about your business online, the more credibility you gain with any prospects you may be interested in what you have to offer. And best way to get the information about your concern out there is by having a website with an effective blog providing valuable content and integrating that with the relevant social media platforms to reach as many people as possible.
Does your business have a website with an active blog? Can it improve? Is it giving you exposure? Is it bringing you potential business?
Using your blog as a content marketing strategy is the answer to achieving results in all of the above. Want to find out how to get started?
Join me at Avontuur’s November Breakfast Club where I will be giving away practical tips on how you can get more exposure for your business by leveraging your existing website.
Date: 09.11.2016
Time: 08h30
RSVP: 021 855 4296
Investment: R150

(bring a male guest and only pay for one seat!)

Banking details:
Openhand Cateing C.C
Absa Bank
Acc no: 4057397779
Branch code: 632005

Insta Meet at Avontuur Restaurant in partnership with Instagram South Africa!


We are so excited to invite you to our first Instagram meet up in partnership with Instagram South Africa. On the 30.10.2016 at 09h00. We will start off on the patio overlooking the paddocks and then take a short walk around the farm. There is much to see, horses, baby horses (!) Table Mountain on a clear day, vines, green paddocks and the Helderberg forming a backdrop behind us. We will end off back on the patio for some light refreshments. RSVP on 021 855 4296.We will also be selecting some winning images from the day with vouchers and prizes sponsored by Avontuur Estate Restaurant (Bring a hat, comfy shoes and some sunblock. For the wine drinkers we have an awesome wine tasting centre if they would like to do some wine tasting after or stay for lunch.)


Avontuur Estate was made for celebrations…

Be it an informal staff lunch, a birthday breakfast or formal sit down dinner, Avontuur Estate Restaurant has it all, and more. 

Situated just outside Somerset West ( a mere 40 mins from Cape Town) on the picturesque Avontuur estate. With the Helderberg range forming a formidable backdrop and vines, horses and table Mountain visible from the sun dappled patio.You too will soon discover why Avontuur is a popular choice with local as well as overseas visitors.

 currentmenu 13653409_10154398675528044_7429440019541100150_o Avontuur-deep-fried-ice-cream 13912736_1188493897874897_1634220826770284960_n
Owner chefs Melanie and Zunia have fine tuned their menu over a period of fourteen years and have a repertoire of seasonal dishes as well as old favorites that inspire and delight.
Award winning wines compliment the picture, creating the perfect pairing for your menu.
Call us on 021 855 4296 or email us at for your party requirements.
Avontuur….. where every visit is an adventure. 

The power of good habits with Reinhard Moors at Avontuur Business Breakfast.

Reinhard has been facilitating the learning and development of individuals and groups for over 20 years. He holds international recognition as a professional coach and works with leaders as individuals as well as with leadership teams. As a coach, Reinhard follows a multi-faceted approach to coaching guided by the thinking and research of valued pioneers in human development; including David Kolb, Irvin Yalom, Albert Ellis, Carl Rogers, Victor Frankl and Peter Hawkins.

As a professional coach, Reinhard works mainly with:

  1. Leaders – focusing on leadership ability, performance motivation, working with individuals in transition, communication skills, innovative thinking, career development, balancing areas of life and work.
  2. Leadership Teams – facilitating team coaching, strategy building, performance and innovation and enhancing team dynamics.
  3. Managers –  facilitating Coaching and Mentoring Skills Workshops for managers.
  4. Coaches – lecturing on the ICF accredited Master Coach Practitioner Programme;


Qualifications & Experience
Post Graduate Studies,    Master’s Degree (Professional Coaching): Middlesex University, London UK
Master’s Certificate in Coaching: i-coachacademy & USB (Stellenbosch University Business School)
Undergraduate Studies  Industrial Psychology and Communication: UNISA

He has also lectured at Stellenbosch University in Entrepreneurship and Practice Management and at The South African College of Applied Psychology in Coaching Practice. He has supervised Masters Students at the Stellenbosch University Business School.

He featured on radio talk shows and is regularly asked to give his views in the written media on coaching related topics.

Reinhard is an accredited Enneagram Assessor.

Reinhard is a registered member of the EMCC – European Mentoring and Coaching Council and
ISPIM- International Society for Professional Innovation Management


Date: 12.10.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296
Please EFT and fax deposit slip to 021 855 4600


NO membership fees
Open to all interested individuals and businesses
Every second Wednesday of the month

Looking forward to making valuable connections at Avontuur!
*Connect * Share * Grow *

You are welcome to bring brochures, flyers and business cards.But nothing beats the power of eye contact and a handshake!

Craig Wilkinson’s theme ‘Living with excellence’ is our topic for Septembers Business Breakfast Club at Avontuur

Craig Wilkinson leaves a mark on every audience he interacts with.


He is dynamic, has presence and passion and is incredibly engaging. Organizations worldwide have hired Craig to communicate important messages on excellence, leadership, performance, diversity, forgiveness, communication and more.   He’s been enlisted to mobilise teams, inspire the work force, facilitate workshops and deliver transformational training.

Heartfelt and authentic Craig energises his audiences with his passion and insights and leaves them with practical tools for growth and change. Having been involved in many diverse businesses (Accountant, HR Director, Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, CEO of two NPO’s and Author) Craig has a rich understanding of the human condition and how to bring audiences together. He has worked extensively in the non-profit sector and as a consultant to the corporate sector in training, strategy and human resource development.

Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Co-founder and leader of the African Dream Trust,
  • CEO of Outward Bound SA ,
  • Founder and Director of Empowa Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

Craig runs ‘Father A Nation’ (FAN) which he founded in 2013. FAN is an NPO that restores and equips men to be great fathers. He believes if we can restore men and fathers we can heal the world. See When he’s not on a stage talking you can probably find him walking up the mountain in Cape Town where he lives with  his wife and children.
fan_site_book3_300_wide images (1)
His notable publication “DAD – The Power and Beauty of Authentic Fatherhood” has had multiple print runs and is available at major bookstores and on Amazon at This book underpins his passion for the restoration of men to true masculinity and authentic fatherhood.
Listen to Craig’s talk on manhood from the 2014 TEDx event in Cape Town at

Date: 14.9.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
R.S.V.P: 021855 4296
EFT payments:
Openhand Catering C.C
Absa Bank
Acc no: 4057397779
Branch code: 632005
Please fax deposit slip and details to 021 855 4600


NO membership fees
Open to all interested individuals and businesses
Every second Wednesday of the month

Looking forward to making valuable connections at Avontuur!
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You are welcome to bring brochures, flyers and business cards.But nothing beats the power of eye contact and a handshake!

Business Woman of the Year and multi award winner, Margaret Hirsch is Avontuur’s guest this August.

Avontuur Business Breakfast Club  Avontuur Business Breakfast Club

It is not where you came from, but where you are going that matters….

Multi award winner and business woman of the year Margaret Hirsch is Avontuur Business Breakfast Club guest speaker this August!

Margaret Hirsch has become a leading example to business women in Southern Africa – coming from a humble background, to co-founding and running the multi million rand Appliance and Electronic retail organisation, Hirsch’s.
Margaret has been recognised through her efforts in building a successful business, and her determination to give back to the community by, over the last four years, winning  a multitude of  business awards, including two Lifetime Achievement Awards in business and entrepreneurship.
As Chief Operations Officer of the Hirsch group, a sought after speaker at business events and schools – where she has established a successful motivational programme –  across Southern Africa,   this dynamic woman, who is passionate about her business and the people who work for and with her, has become a legend in her time.

Putting it simply she says “You can work for a boss and make a living – or you can work for yourself and earn a fortune, but you have to be passionate about what you do.”
Margaret regards herself as a “jack of all trades”.  having done the selling, invoicing, demonstrating, being a delivery person  on the trucks, installing and demonstrating in customers homes and generally taking care of almost everything at Hirsch’s for the past 37 years.
Margaret’s knack of empowering everyone who works for the company is extraordinary.  What amazes people is that Margaret does not have an office in any of the branches.  She sits at a desk on the floor and helps deal with customer complaints and queries on a daily basis.  Margaret Hirsch has become a sought after motivational speaker and is a champion of women’s Empowerment.

Date: Wednesday 10.8.2016
Time: 08h30
R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296
Investment: R150
E.F.T payments only- ABSOLUTELY no payments at the door. 
Banking Details:
Openhand catering C.C
Absa Bank
Acc no: 4057397779
Branch code: 632005
N.B:  Fax deposit slip details to 021 855 4600
fox hirsch logo photo

The DA comes to Avontuur Breakfast Club this July.

Councillor Benedicta van Minnen was appointed by the Executive Mayor Patricia de Lille as the Mayoral Committee Member for Health in 2014. In January 2015, she was appointed as Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements.

She has a background in law and Criminology, is passionate about ongoing learning, and is currently completing her master’s degree. She decided to enhance her legal background with a foray into politics, which was always her first love. She is a former student activist and Student Representative Council member at the University of Cape Town.

She serves as a DA ward councillor in Somerset West and has served on the Civilian Oversight Committee, Municipal Public Accounts Committee and the Safety and Security Portfolio Committee during the course of her career.

Councillor van Minnen is a resident of the Helderberg and enjoys hiking and kayaking in her spare time.


Date: 13.7.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
R.S.V.P: 021855 4296
Ticket purchases via Quicket- follow the link


NO membership fees
Open to all interested individuals and businesses
Every second Wednesday of the month

Looking forward to making valuable connections at Avontuur!
*Connect * Share * Grow *
You are welcome to bring brochures, flyers and business cards.But nothing beats the power of eye contact and a handshake!

Encouraging healthy, sustainable living with Mariette vd Heever from SuperSprout -Gardeners morning at Avontuur Restaurant.

Encouraging healthy, sustainable living with Mariette vd Heever from SuperSprout

Date: 6.7.2016
Time: 08h30 to 11h00
Cost: R100
Tea and scones will be served

Supersprout bio.
Mariette van den Heever is the founder and owner of SUPERSPROUT.  As an artist and researcher in the health and wellness field she stumbled on the concept of micro-greens. She was stunned to discover the immense health benefits and the versatility and uses of the product. Being a bit of a health freak herself, she anticipated the possibilities for developing the product. In 2013 she started experimenting with growing methods and different varieties and eventually came up with the current package, which yields very satisfactory results and is still cost-effective. She experimented with various other products, but to date the micro-green kits and sprouting kits are still in huge demand.When Mariette became aware of the degree of genetic manipulation to which present day foods are subject, she became fanatic abou theirloom plants and especially vegetables. She has gone to great lengths to acquire a huge repertoire of seeds which she grows and sells in slabs, which has proved to be a very effective way of nurturing growth from seed into plants which are ready for transplant. SUPERSPROUT products are sold at neighbourhood food markets e.g. he Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, at several Christmas markets and lifestyle markets such as Kamers and the Stellenbosch Cheese and Wine Festival and are also ordered by companies such as Wellness.Warehouse.
Recently Mariette has teamed up with Wim Koppenol, who shares her passion for growing things and together they have developed  several new initiatives. His enthusiasm, special talents and propensity for business is taking SUPERSPROUT to a new level.

Banking details:
Openhand catering c.c
Absa Bank
Acc no: 4057397779
Branch code: 632005
Fax deposit slip to: 021 8554600 with your name and function date.

Mike Handcock CEO of Rock your life comes to Avontuur this June.

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life. Getting to know Mike you will find:·

  •  Mike is an international award winning speaker who has worked in over  30 cities and 20 countries  in the past 3 years alone.·
  •  Mike was the 2014 NZ Speaker of the Year and one of just 25 people  globally to be awarded the speaking designation    CSP Global.·
  •  Mike has written thirteen books on business and personal development  including best sellers and an Amazon #3.·
  •  Mike is a musician with eleven albums to his credit and has produced and  written for Radio & TV.·
  •  Mike was voted one of the  top 10 coaches in Asia.·
  •  Mike’s background was in senior management of one of New Zealand’s  leading corporates.·
  •  He has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards.·
  •  He has produced a television show and is the producer and director of  Dreamcatchers – an 82min feature film launched  in 2010, with his  second movie The Reluctant Heroes in pre production.·
  •  He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic  work and is a seeker of ancient wisdom who can be found climbing  through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past diligently.
  • Mike

Date: 8.6.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
Tickets via Quicket 
021 855 4296
Bring someone new and only pay for one guest!