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Encouraging healthy, sustainable living with Mariette vd Heever from SuperSprout -Gardeners morning at Avontuur Restaurant.

Encouraging healthy, sustainable living with Mariette vd Heever from SuperSprout

Date: 6.7.2016
Time: 08h30 to 11h00
Cost: R100
Tea and scones will be served

Supersprout bio.
Mariette van den Heever is the founder and owner of SUPERSPROUT.  As an artist and researcher in the health and wellness field she stumbled on the concept of micro-greens. She was stunned to discover the immense health benefits and the versatility and uses of the product. Being a bit of a health freak herself, she anticipated the possibilities for developing the product. In 2013 she started experimenting with growing methods and different varieties and eventually came up with the current package, which yields very satisfactory results and is still cost-effective. She experimented with various other products, but to date the micro-green kits and sprouting kits are still in huge demand.When Mariette became aware of the degree of genetic manipulation to which present day foods are subject, she became fanatic abou theirloom plants and especially vegetables. She has gone to great lengths to acquire a huge repertoire of seeds which she grows and sells in slabs, which has proved to be a very effective way of nurturing growth from seed into plants which are ready for transplant. SUPERSPROUT products are sold at neighbourhood food markets e.g. he Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, at several Christmas markets and lifestyle markets such as Kamers and the Stellenbosch Cheese and Wine Festival and are also ordered by companies such as Wellness.Warehouse.
Recently Mariette has teamed up with Wim Koppenol, who shares her passion for growing things and together they have developed  several new initiatives. His enthusiasm, special talents and propensity for business is taking SUPERSPROUT to a new level.

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Mike Handcock CEO of Rock your life comes to Avontuur this June.

Mike Handcock is the Chairman and Founder of Rock Your Life. Getting to know Mike you will find:·

  •  Mike is an international award winning speaker who has worked in over  30 cities and 20 countries  in the past 3 years alone.·
  •  Mike was the 2014 NZ Speaker of the Year and one of just 25 people  globally to be awarded the speaking designation    CSP Global.·
  •  Mike has written thirteen books on business and personal development  including best sellers and an Amazon #3.·
  •  Mike is a musician with eleven albums to his credit and has produced and  written for Radio & TV.·
  •  Mike was voted one of the  top 10 coaches in Asia.·
  •  Mike’s background was in senior management of one of New Zealand’s  leading corporates.·
  •  He has been nominated for three Extraordinary Lives awards.·
  •  He has produced a television show and is the producer and director of  Dreamcatchers – an 82min feature film launched  in 2010, with his  second movie The Reluctant Heroes in pre production.·
  •  He has been mentioned by President Bill Clinton for his philanthropic  work and is a seeker of ancient wisdom who can be found climbing  through dusty pyramids or researching the secrets of the past diligently.
  • Mike

Date: 8.6.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
Tickets via Quicket 
021 855 4296
Bring someone new and only pay for one guest!

If municipal inefficiencies and rolling blackouts affect your life,  be at our next Breakfast club meeting with Chad Hyland, CEO of Ikapa Power Management. 

business breakfast logo

Chad Hyland, certified energy manager (CEM), founded iKapaPower Management in 2008.
In this period SA had been experiencing major energy issues from municipal inefficiencies, rolling blackouts and continuous administrative headaches.

Chad’s core focus at that time was based on back-up power supply and quickly changed direction after spending endless hours understanding the energy crisis alongside the policy makers NERSA (National Energy Regulator) & Eskom. This change saw the beginning of our Smart Metering department which essentially performs the function of a municipality on a smaller and private scale.

Here Chad was able to independently audit  clients both on water & electricity which resulted in the exposure of inaccurate billing, incorrect supply and estimated readings. This utility auditing gave our clients the power to claim back incorrect charges, had their accounts credited and their supply matching their needs resulting in tangible savings and lower operational costs.

At the age of 37 Chad has great hopes for both the residential and commercial sectors managed under the iKapaPower team in the continuous drive to reduce our clients utility spend.
Being one of the only companies who provide an end to end solution gives iKapaPower Management and our clients the leading edge in power & water reduction (consumption), and in mapping their green/renewable energy goals with correctly specked solutions resulting in tangible savings and off-grid dependency, ensuring that our clients have the power!

 Date: 11.5.2016

Time: 08h30

Investment: R150

Tickets available through Quicket.

R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296

Avontuur Estate, R44, Somerset West.


Personal Mastery at Avontuur Business Breakfast Club


If our lives are a masterpiece then there is obviously an art to making them so.
Paying attention to ourselves holds the key.

Self-attention does not require any special skill although there are many techniques to help us do this effectively, techniques to observe our responses to anything and everything that is going on around us.
Too often we focus on the events of our lives instead of how we feel about them, what our immediate and longer term reactions are.
However, these reactions are the greatest markers to who we really are – they are so personal, intimate and unique; for example, we know well that what pleases me, might offend you.
The circumstances of our lives continually provide us with opportunities to reveal ourselves to ourselves – are you paying attention?
And what is the point of self-revelation anyway? I shall provide some answers to this question and how to go about it.

Date: 13.4.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296
All ticket sales via Quicket please.
RAE avontuur

Born in Zambia and schooled in Harare, Rae attained her BA in Philosophy and English at UCT.

Join our Business Breakfast Club and reap the rewards!

Imagine your perfectly orderly world, where mostly smooth sailing has been the order of the day with only minor swells disrupting your harmony.

Suddenly, the small swells become big swells, turning into huge waves, allowing you no time to breathe or come up for air.  You have no life jacket and no support to depend on. You feel like you are drowning at sea…. all alone!

How do you get to dry land, without losing focus or motivation?

Speaker:  Louise Woudberg

Topic:           Waves of Uncertainty…
Date:              9.3.2016
Time:             08h30
Investment:   R150 (bring a friend and pay for one!)


Author and life coach, Louise Woudberg brings simplicity and order to the workplace , she is a registered coach with COMENSA  and has a coaching practice called CHOICE COACHING.
Louise specialises in the following areas:

  • Coaching:  Individuals and teenagers.
  • Facilitation: Teams and workshops
  • Motivational talks: Variety of events

Her desire to bring awareness into the thinking of how we make choices every moment of every day and how these choices have impact and consequences

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The Open Hand Catering C.C
Absa Bank
Acc No: 4057397779
Vat No: 44 00215135
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N.B: Please remember to reserve your seat with a call


NO membership fees
Open to all interested individuals and businesses
Every second Wednesday of the month

Looking forward to making valuable connections at Avontuur!
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From Fear to Fabulous, overcoming your public speaking phobias…

‘From Fear to Fabulous’
Overcoming public speaking phobias….

Join us on the 11.11.2015
for the last Breakfast Club meeting of 2015 with guest speaker
Zunia Boucher-Myers

If you have your ’60 second elevator pitch’ ready and have your verbal business card down pat but freeze when faced with a room full of people, then help is at hand.

Join us for this fun and informative breakfast meeting where you will learn valuable tools and tricks to turn you from a public speaking jelly into a public speaking giant.

Date: 11.11.2015
Time: 08h30
Investment: R130
Bring a friend and only pay half price!!
E.F.T payments – banking details are at the bottom of the page.
R.S.V.P 021 855 4296



Zunia Boucher-Myers will be a familiar face , as she is one of the patron chef’s of the Avontuur Estate restaurant!
Having been thrown into public speaking by the deep end, Zunia has learned many valuable tools in her 13 years at Avontuur.
She has she been the M.C at the fabulously successful ‘I am Beautiful’ events, invited to be the master of ceremonies at the ECHO Erinvale high tea’s and has  been invited to talk on many topics ranging from juicing  to photography.

You are welcome to bring brochures, flyers and business cards.But nothing beats the power of eye contact and a handshake!

Banking Details:

The Open Hand Catering C.C
Absa Bank
Acc No: 4057397779
Vat No: 44 00215135
(please give your name and breakfast club as your reference)
N.B: Please remember to reserve your seat with a call


NO membership fees
Open to all interested individuals and businesses
Every second Wednesday of the month

Looking forward to making valuable connections at Avontuur!
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Creativity as the Art of Self-Discipline – An Exploration into Mastering our Creative Selves. Beatrix Pickard-Cambridge our guest speaker in October 2015

As Clarissa Pinkola Estes says:’ Creativity is a shapechanger. One moment it takes this form, the next that.’
It is in the creation of a painting, in the tending of a garden, in the nurturing of a marriage and the building of a business.
It is in our ideas, our thinking and in our doing.
So what is this essence that flows through us like a river? How do we access it and what form does it take for us? How do we connect with it and harness it to elevate our business lives and our personal lives to that place of passion where we thrive and not merely survive.
And how do we anchor it to become the driving force behind everything we do? Creativity is the ability to create, it implies an inspiration and an action, and integration that must become manifest. So let’s explore this underutilized asset of Self.
Investment: R130
Date: 14.10.2015
Time: 08h30



Breakfast Club in September with Ann Baret Solo

Transforming our mind-set from existing blockages and limiting beliefs – We don’t need more information however we need to rewire our mind-set and transform our focus and actions. The change needs to happen from within “ Join us for this fascinating and informative breakfast.
Date: 09.09.2015
Time: 08h00
Investment: R130
R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296
(please remember E.F.T payments preferred)

Banking Details:
The Open Hand Catering C.C
Absa Bank
Acc No: 4057397779
Vat No: 44 00215135
(please give your name and breakfast club as your reference)
N.B: Please remember to reserve your seat with a call

NO membership fees
Open to all interested individuals and businesses
Every second Wednesday of the month

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Cocktails and Conversations

Gentlemen, husbands, employers, August is Women’s month and you could score AMAZING brownie points if you purchase tickets for your wives, secretaries, colleagues and lady friends to our not -to -be -missed event on the 12.8 2015, ‘Cocktails and Conversations’
Not only will you be making them VERY happy, but you will be aiding two very worthy charities, the Stellenbosch safe house and Helderberg Hospice.
There will be great food and award winning wines not to mention lavish goody bags, pearl necklaces to be won and prizes to the value of over R50000!
Why not send the whole office! Book your seats now as tickets are flying out!  Call us on 021 855 4296

Charlene  Cocktails & Conversation, Patricia G


char - Copy


We LOVE our sponsors for their generous hearts that have made our ‘Cocktails and Conversations’ event so lavish. The collective value of the prizes is over R50000. Thank you to Avontuur Wine Estate, Clarins,@AuthenticsSkinandLaserCenter, @patriciagdesignerjewellery, @laviemagazine, Paradiso Flowers, @chezcharlene, SheaDivine Natural Body Range,Pure Shea & Cocoa butter, INSTITUTE AESTHETIC hair skin & nails, Helderview BMW. We are touched by your generosity and willingness to collaborate with us for such a worthy cause.

Our two charities for the evening are:

Helderberg Hospice and L’ Abrio de Dieu, Stellenbosch safe house for women.

We look forward to a very special evening.

Bollywood comes to Avontuur!


Join us for an Indian inspired evening full of flavor, feasting and fragrance. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy aromatic curries and this themed evening will be sure to delight. Dress up in your glam Indian gear, don your bindi and join us for a great evening to keep the winter chill at bay.
Date: 31.7.2015
Time: 18h30 –
Dress: Chic Sikh/ Bollywood Babe/ Indian Mogul
Cost: R220 (beverages and tip not included)
50% deposit required to reserve your table.

Openhand Catering C.C
Absa bank: 4057397779
Branch code: 632005
FAX: Fax deposit info (name and event) to 021 855 4600