Personal Mastery at Avontuur Business Breakfast Club


If our lives are a masterpiece then there is obviously an art to making them so.
Paying attention to ourselves holds the key.

Self-attention does not require any special skill although there are many techniques to help us do this effectively, techniques to observe our responses to anything and everything that is going on around us.
Too often we focus on the events of our lives instead of how we feel about them, what our immediate and longer term reactions are.
However, these reactions are the greatest markers to who we really are – they are so personal, intimate and unique; for example, we know well that what pleases me, might offend you.
The circumstances of our lives continually provide us with opportunities to reveal ourselves to ourselves – are you paying attention?
And what is the point of self-revelation anyway? I shall provide some answers to this question and how to go about it.

Date: 13.4.2016
Time: 08h30
Investment: R150
R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296
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RAE avontuur

Born in Zambia and schooled in Harare, Rae attained her BA in Philosophy and English at UCT.