Compliance with Melanie Coetzee at Avontuur Business Club


Why would I want to do something so mundane considering the previous corporate successes which I had reached in my professional career?
There is nothing better than finding your niche in life. Most people struggle for years, often a lifetime, to find their happy place in work. There are many reasons for this:

  • We all grow up institutionalised;
  • We grow up fearful of failure;
  • We grow up supressing our own authenticity.

During school, I took both art and academic subjects. I have always been a little bit different and artistic so when I had to choose my career path, I faced the choice and chose law. How do I reconcile the artistic side of my brain with my academics? That is the secret to my happiness and I will be sharing the joys of living authentically AND finding your success path.

A bit about me:
Between being born in Burgersdorp, growing up on a farm in Barkly-East and ending up in the largest corporate property law firm in SA pretty much sums up my meander. I obtained both my BPROC and LLB degrees at UPE in 1999 where after I worked at a law firm in London for a few years. Upon returning to SA, I took up a position at Buchanan Boyes attorneys and worked there as an attorney, conveyancer and notary until 2020, 10 years of which as a partner.

Until breast cancer halted me in my tracks in 2018. As with all cancer survivors, I questioned my WHY and whether I was really being fulfilled in the fast lane. In addition, I realised that I badly neglected to continue my self development and just being present in the moment during the years in corporate and based my “success” in life on the amount of money that I had in the bank. I also compromised massively on other areas in my life in my quest to be successful.

In 2020, I made the massive leap and left the corporate law firm to start my own small compliance business. What a leap to say the least!
Looking back, I now realise that I never really felt fulfilled or took in most of what was going on inside and in my environment. Since I left corporate, I have realised my own professional boundaries. I am in control of my time and my income and enjoy every moment of generating connections and doing business with people who appreciate my skills and knowledge.

Date: 14.7.2021

Time: 08h30

Cost: R200

RSVP: 0218554296 or email us at openhand@polka.co.za

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June Farm walks

Join us on the 12/6/2021 or the 26/6/2021 for our monthly farm walks.

Why not escape the city and join for a guided farm walk? Our guide, Alistair will take you on a scenic tour of our magnificent estate. You will step out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and into the quiet serenity of our farm. Your batteries will be recharged and your spirit inspired.
Book on ‪021 855 3450‬

Financial savvy, post lockdown with Grant van Zyl at Avontuur Business Club.

Join us on the 9.6.2021 for our next Avontuur Business Club meeting. Our guest speaker, Grant van Zyl, CEO of The Wealth Room will be speaking on financial savvy, post lockdown.
Date : 9.6.2021, time: 08h30, Investment :R200. RSVP 0218554296.

Salt River Art Walk

Do love art? Fascinated by graffiti and the creatives behind the thought-provoking pieces? If you have answered yes, then join us on the last Saturday of May, the 29.5.2021, for a guided tour of some of the most vibrant murals to be found in Cape Town. Your knowledgeable guide, Alistair Tite will take you on an informative and fun tour around Salt River.

Date: 29.5.2021

Time: 09h00

Cost: R250

Call us on 0218554296 to book.

Emotional Mastery with Mel Harvard. Avontuur Business Club.

Globally we are seeing how the pandemic has affected not only physical health, but also mental health. Having the right tools to assist us during these unprecedented times is imperative. Our guest speaker at our next Business Breakfast, Mel Harvard will be talking about Emotional Mastery – How to Feel Better Fast.
1.Where feelings come from and what they mean.
2.Some main causes of feeling bad.
3.Becoming a scientist of yourself – what is going on, and what to do next.
4.Processing thoughts and feelings – a tool for change
5. super-easy feelgood tips to use right now.

Date: 12.5.2021
Investment: R200
RSVP below or call 021 8554296
(Bring a NEW guest, one who has never been before and only pay for one seat!)

Business growth, the bigger the step, the bigger the growth. Growing your business in 2021 with Diane Boorman at Avontuur Business Club.


Date: 14.4.2021

Time: 08h30

Investment: R200

Bring a new guest, one who has never been before and only pay for one person!

RSVP: 021 855 4296

Avontuur Farm Walks

Avontuur Farm Walks, hosted on the last Saturday of every month.
Join us on the last Saturday of every month for our new guided Farm Walks with Alistair Tite.
Limited to ten guests, the walks will start at the restaurant / wine tasting area at 09:00 and proceed down and around the perimeter of the Manor house and then follow the road to the top paddocks.
With panoramic views of Table Mountain and False Bay, our magnificent mares and foals and our rich flora, you will experience first hand why our farm is called “Avontuur’ (ADVENTURE)
We will then return via the top dam and back to the restaurant. where you are welcome to stay and have a meal.
The walk is around 4kms. and take roughly 90mins.
Cost of the walk is R150 pp for over 18’s and will include a voucher which can be redeemed at the wine tasting centre.
Under 10’s are free.
Pre-bookings only on 0218553450
* Please note lunch, beverages and wine not included in the cost of the guided walk.*

Conscious Marketing and why it is the way to go in 2021. Avontuur Business Club topic for March 2021.

Conscious Marketing and why it is the way to go in 2021.
As a business owner – are you tired of pushing, jostling, hustling for the buck you make?  Are you tired of watching your page likes stagnate, tired of featuring your hearts work – and having little or no reaction from your audience?  Are you tired of the feast and famine journey that your business is taking?
Conscious Marketing, also called Millennial Marketing or Mindful Marketing
is all about becoming still, aware and conscious of some key life principles that Robyn invites you to embrace in your business in 2021.  Come and join us and spend some of your priceless time going on an inward journey towards outward growth, evolution and abundance.

Date: 10.3.2021

Time: 08h30

Investment: R200

Bring a new guest and only pay for one.

RSVP: 021 855 4296

Robyn Lambrick has been called a passionate supporter of entrepreneurs and an excellent community builder.  She is one of the most authentic and down to earth people that you’ll come across.  Resourceful, consistent and incredibly enthusiastic about business, marketing, entrepreneurship – Robyn has a dream to make a difference in this world by shining a light on doing business differently in this new world we share.
A creative at heart – Robyn is solutions driven and has been called an ‘Ideas Popcorn Machine’ running on octane!  Deliberately customer and people centric – Robyn as a great belief that if you put your customer in the middle of everything that you do you will flourish.

Her favourite idiom is – Walk A Mile in Your Customer’s / Supplier’s / Staff’s life and then build it – they will come, stay and support you till the end of your days.
Courageous, focused, intuitive, connected, real and transparent – Robyn will ‘see’ you, your business, your audience, your industry, your gift and the road to shine a light on what is called to be seen in ways that will have your audience engaging, discussing, enquiring and ultimately forming a long lasting relationship with you and your business.

Robyn Lambrick
Marketing Maven
CEO & Owner of Word on the Street Media
Conscious Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketer, Keynote Speaker, Thought Leader
Coach and Trainer

Hello marketing, my old friend! A back to basics approach to marketing with Chris Kolbe.

Date: 10.2.2021
Time: 08h30
Investment: R200
R.S.V.P : 021855 4296 or email us at openhand@polka.co.za
Hello Marketing my old friend

Providing a more in-depth understanding of what it truly is and why it is imperative for companies to incorporate marketing as part of the core foundation of the business. The fourth industrial revolution is here and all companies need to embrace it and go digital with websites and social media. The trick is your digital efforts need to be developed strategically from a good solid overall marketing plan and strategy. We will also look at and explore the various different marketing channels available and learn how to work smart, not expensively hard.
Good marketing is within the reach of all businesses.
Chris Kolbe studied a Bcomm Marketing at Stellenbosch University. He has been working since the age of 14 starting as Golden Feather and building up to Marketing Manager for Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing. Over the many years Chris has worked in a variety of different industries ranging from Radio, Media, Engineering, and Agriculture. One of the costs of getting a degree in life he decided to cash in his entrepreneurial core to go corporate. After 7 years of the corporate world, Chris is back to being an entrepreneur by offering the experience, skills, and insights he has gained as a marketing and business development consultant. This lead to the birth of Live2Dream. Live2Dream provides a ground up personalised consulting service to help companies be courageous and embrace marketing as part of their businesses foundation.
Bring a NEW guest and only pay for one!!

‘Train Naked’ with Pierre du Plessis, our last Business Club meeting for 2020

To train naked is to show up just as you are, without pretence, masks or bs. It is to live and work intentionally, to design and train for the life and career you desire. The ancient Greeks trained in the nude and competed naked in the Olympics, they literally had skin in the game. The word for gymnasium in Greek, gumnasia, literally means to train naked. These gyms were not only for physical training, they also had dedicated spaces for intellectual exercise, philosophy, teaching and conversation.
We train to compete and succeed. We practice over and over in order to nail a presentation. We must then also be training just as hard to become better human beings, to live meaningful lives, to do work that matters, and to thrive in chaos.
This keynote and book are calls to train naked, to have skin in the game and start training for the ultimate marathon, life.
It speaks of identity, purpose, ethics and along with a selection of life changing practices, they aim to inspire each one to take charge, get skin the game and train. www.thisispierreduplessis.com
Date: 11.11.2020
Time: 08h30
Investment: R190
Bring a new guest, one who has never been before and only pay for one seat!
R.S.V.P: 021 855 4296


businesses do work that matters and people build meaningful lives.
He is currently the CWO (Chief Writing Officer) of his passion project, HumanWrites, an organisation that gets storybooks to kids who need them.
He is an educator at DUKE CE University and has spoken at BMW, KFC, Adcock Ingram, FNB, Nedbank, and has been featured on TEDx stages numerous times.
He has worked in fashion, advertising, trend analyses and branding.
Pierre leads a contemplative community of faith in the heart of Cape Town, is a published author and has received the Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand literature prize.
He believes he is the love child of Gertrude Stein and Jason Bourne. He lives in Cape Town with his wife, two kids, and his iPhone.