Harvest 2020 barrelling along!

“Can you believe it, we’re at the end of week 3 of this year’s harvest and we’re already more than 25% through with harvest 2020!” Jan van Rooyen, Avontuur’s winemaker seems a little bit surprised about the speed of things this year, especially as a few of the varietals seem to be in a race against time and ripening quicker than last year.

An example is the Viognier, which has come in two weeks earlier than last year. “It’s at the same ripeness and the grapes look very similar to last year’s,” he says. “But for some weird reason that block was ripe a fortnight earlier than in 2019.”  Another strange one was the Pinot Noir which was 8 days early – although harvested for the same wine and with the same end product in mind as the 2019 varietal.

“For the rest we seem to be on track and we’re currently harvesting beautiful Sauvignon Blanc, which will make that popular, crisp style that we’re so well known for,” Jan commented.

Now for the next 75%!